Martinez-Samuel Salon | Kyle Estudillo
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Kyle Estudillo

Kyle Estudillo grew up in the beautiful Napa Valley where he was first introduced to hair at an early age. His mother, a hair stylist of over 20 years, gave him insight into this unique and fulfilling career choice. It wasn’t long before Kyle followed in her footsteps moving to San Diego to start his formal training at Saco Salon Beauty Academy. After completing school, Kyle chased his dream moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a hairstylist to the stars. After 5 years of extensive training, he was afforded the opportunity to work under and learn from the most noteworthy celebrity stylists in the industry (Matthew Shields, Chris Rios at Sally Herhsberger, and Tyle Mahoney at Neil George), Kyle has the education, experience and natural talent to branch out on his own. Now as a full time stylist at Jeffrey-Kara salon, he takes what he has learned from the industry’s best and applies it to his growing clientele. Kyle specializes in the ability to create custom hand painted balayage highlights,while maintaining the integrity of the hair. He listens well to his clients and creates a marriage between their vision and his experienced eye for beauty and refreshed styles. His haircuts are a perfect complimentary pair to his flawless color. No matter the challenge, Kyle is your go to stylist for any look.